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RSI Divergence Trader EA V1.5

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RSI Divergence Trader EA Description

RSI Divergence Trader is a trading robot that uses divergence on the RSI indicator to enter . Basically, the inputs are accurate. In rare cases, if the price goes against the entry, the EA uses averaging and closes the grid of orders when the total profit is reached.



Filter based on RSI values
Filter based on Price Action – the signal should appear only after X points have already been passed, because divergences usually occur at the end of a trend
Filter based on ADX values – you can use ADX as an additional indicator along with RSI
It will cancel the signal if an opposite one appears – this means that you cannot have a buy and a sell signal at the same time. The trend will go up or down.


Determines the minimum and maximum distance from the signal – in terms of time and price differences
Filter based on Price Action – buys only if the price is in the lower Y% of the last Z bars = buy low, sell high
Filter based on ADX + DI and -DI values ​​or ADX discrepancies
Entered only in case of divergence on several timeframes


Exiting trades with a fixed take profit or based on divergence in the other direction (DTP – dynamic take profit)
Fixed or trailing SL
Automatic lot size calculation
Manages deals using a grid
Increases or decreases the lot size
Increases or decreases the distance to enter the mesh


Blocking trades after a certain percentage of drawdown
After blocking, the EA can continue looking for divergences on the same or a different timeframe and use the new profit to partially close the loss.
Either a fixed or a trailing stop loss is used.
With standard settings, you can expect around 3-5% per month for a couple, but with more aggressive settings, you can achieve a stable profit of 10% / month for a couple.


RSI Divergence Trader EA Setting


RSI Divergence Trader EA Back-test Result

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