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Pip Breaker EA V2

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Pip Breaker EA Description

Pip Breaker Expert Advisor can profit 30% To 50% + a month. If you want a Forex robot that generates an income regardless of market conditions, Pip Breaker Expert Advisor forex trading is the perfect solution.

Having a breakout strategy within your portfolio can make sense for several reasons.

Low drawdown
Diversifies other strategies
High payoff potential

The character of Breakout Events

Breakouts are instantly recognizable chart events having certain features in common:

A “break out” of an existing price range
A sudden increase in volatility
Usually, an increase in market volume
“Whipsaw” motion before the final direction is “settled.”

Explosive breakouts can often move the pair by several hundred pips within a short time. Thus breakout events often create highly profitable trading opportunities.

ECN Broker Support

ECN account support optimization.

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