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NFX Trading EA V3

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NFX Trading EA V3 Description


Try it now! “The Best Forex EA 2021, Very Powerful and Very Accurate”
“Developed using three most powerful indicators, when you connect all them in one strategy, things are straightforward.”

Dear Justifiably Frustrated Forex Trader,

Are you prepared to begin winning at exchanging? At that point, use NFX Trading EA for achievement in the Forex market. It’s a unique, experimental EA that works and has proven results! 93% Winning percentage with proper money management.
This EA is created by combining several indicators into all trading systems.
Developed using the three most powerful indicators, Those three indicators give a lot of helpful information; things are straightforward when you connect them in one strategy.
NFX Trading EA is a mighty EA to help you get the edge and help you make a consistent profit. NFX Trading EA is capable of doubling your money within a month! Try this EA. You will be impressed by how powerful it is.
It will make standard and steady profits in all market conditions.

This EA analyzes the market using some most powerful indicators; it uses the primary trend to enter the market. This EA uses the D1 timeframe for identifying the trend and uses a short time frame to enter the market.
This EA was backtested with many months of data and successfully passed multiple stress testing every month with an excellent profit/drawdown ratio.
It uses an adaptive trade trailing algorithm. This EA always uses SL, so the account is mainly protected from big-equity drawdown.

No need to handle any trade manually. Just sit and let the EA algorithm decide when to open and close the trade.
All well-known parameters like TrailingStop, StopLoss, and TakeProfit are well customizable. You can increase/decrease the lot size if you want. Take Profit orders and Stop Loss orders are automatically placed to protect every trade.
100% Automated hands-free trading. No human supervision is needed -ever!…

NFX Trading EA will suit any Forex Trader. The most important thing I should mention is that it will be suitable for beginners and veterans. The automated approach per chart will place a buy or sell.
NFX Trading EA will give a low drawdown and a very stable income stream! Mathematically high success rates.
We Are Putting A FULL STOP To Back-Tested Hype…To Optimized And Worthless Results… To Robots That Worked In The Past But Deliver B.S. Results In Live Trading!
We wanted to show everyone that Robo Pips Forex Robot is REAL, unlike many scam-only-working-on-paper Forex robots out there.

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Do you remember I told you at the beginning of the letter that back-test results are worthless? Well, THEY ARE!

So, why am I about to show you the back-test results of Robo Pips Forex Robot?
Well…and this is the best lesson you will ever learn in Forex robot trading:


NFX Trading EA V3 Setting


NFX Trading EA V3 Back-test Result

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