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Hunting Cat Scalper EA

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Hunting Cat Scalper EA Description

Hunting Cat Scalper EA is a fully automated FREE MT4 Scalper to Download. It mainly works on USDJPY. It identifies potential breakout levels in specific price patterns and trades along with the breakouts.

The self-developed algorithm that identifies potential breakout levels
Especially effective in specific price patterns
Unique coding logic that allows minimal compromise on trading quality even in a high ping environment
Pending orders are used to minimize slippage during price breakouts
No risky strategies such as grid or martingale are used
Strict stop loss is placed on every order

Hunting Cat Scalper can get risky since it utilizes the martingale method, sometimes even hedging. Because of this method, this EA has a very high ROI(Return of investment). How Much Profit you can make monthly depends on your lot size and risk value.

After a Long time of using this strategy, Blowing your account is inevitable. However, with the periodic withdrawal of investments, the theory of probability works in our favor. After the initial investment is withdrawn, the dangerous martingale strategy immediately becomes break-even and highly profitable.


Hunting Cat Scalper EA Setting


Hunting Cat Scalper EA Back-test Result

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