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Forex Hacked EA

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Forex Hacked EA Description

Forex Hacked is an expert advisor built for the Metatrader4 platform only. The goal when developing Forex Hacked was to form it as simple as possible to form money. When you plug it in, you’re not going to have a hundred settings to go over and change/optimize. You will be profiting right out of the gate! So let us go over some important features about Forex Hacked that help makes it the most profitable EA you will ever use.

Easy To Use – No optimizing, no got to purchase optimized settings. Forex Hacked is going to be profitable right out of the gate. We include a totally detailed guide going over what every single setting does just in case you would like to vary any.

Reliability – We are very confident that Forex Hacked is going to be the foremost reliable expert advisor you’ll ever use. Just look at our results. It uses basic math to form money regardless of what!

Trade Frequency- Unlike some EA’s which will trade once or twice every week if your lucky, Forex Hacked was built to trade, and trade often. You will have a uniform flow of trades being drip-fed into your account.

ECN Broker Support- does one run on an ECN MT4 broker? No problem, there is a setting you can turn on so Forex Hacked will open trades with no stop loss or take profit, and then modify the trade immediately after to bypass ECN limitations.

Trend Capturing- Completely unique feature to Forex Hacked is our ability to hold on to profits if the market keeps trending in your preferences to make even more profit.

Automatic 4/5 Digit Broker Detection

Stealth Mode- Hide from those pesky stop loss hunting brokers by not employing a stop loss at all! Forex Hacked controls all stop losses internally and individually between each trade so you’ll make certain your broker won’t find you.


Start and Stop Hours- you’ve got the choice to settle on once you want Forex Hacked to start out opening trades, and once you want it to prevent. By default, it will trade 24hours a day which is recommended.

Start and Stop Days- You have the ability to control what days you want it to trade. 0 = Sunday, 6 = Saturday.


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