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Endless Pips V2 EA

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Endless Pips V2 EA Description

EndlessPips EA does not use dangerous trading methods such as a grid, martingale, etc., trades by placing pending buy stop and sell stop orders, by default, each transaction has a small SL of 6 pips and a TP of 2 pips in the settings, these values ​​can be changed, high profit achieved through accurate entries and rapid automatic increase in trading volume.

The adviser has two sets of settings, they are built into it and are selected in the adviser settings themselves, how to do this and how the adviser works, you can see below by clicking on the link,this video from the EA developer:

EndlessPipsV2 Engine 1 – https://cloud.mail.ru/public/btj4/RQrubDJGY

EndlessPipsV2 Engine 2 – https://cloud.mail.ru/public/6h6J/ebnNzmYhe

Below you can see the results of testing the EA on the past history, the back test was performed with the default settings and with a fixed spread value of 1 pips


Endless Pips V2 EA Setting


Endless Pips V2 EA Back-test Results