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Nostradamus EA Description

Today I want to tell you about the Nostradamus advisor and share with you some thoughts regarding it. Immediately, we note that we will not impose anything on anyone or anything, but only want to share the material with you in the hope that it will be useful to you. Many traders are clearly distrustful of the impressive results of this EA.

Nevertheless, the advisor can really earn consistently, but, of course, this is not about sky-high profits, but this advisor is still able to make about 500% per year. Particularly optimistic is the statistics of the advisor from the broker Amarkets, where in 6 months he managed to make over 4500% of the profit:

How this advisor works At its core, we are dealing with a scalper advisor, which is designed to take a small amount of profit in each transaction. This Expert Advisor does not use any technical indicators when working, and the trading itself is carried out within the framework of mathematical calculations. According to the authors of the advisor, in its work it does not use aggressive techniques like Martingale. The main feature of this Expert Advisor is a competent algorithm for locking open positions. This allows you to successfully sit out the price movement directed against open positions and exit to profit at the first successful price rollback. The algorithm itself is far from new, and is used in many expert advisors. But it is worth considering that this approach is very demanding on the minimum deposit, because the position can hang out for a long time in the unprofitable zone.

Initially, according to the algorithm, the EA opens two orders directed in opposite directions, making it possible to make a profit with any market movement. And then, after one order is closed in profit, the second order is locked according to a certain algorithm, and subsequently it is displayed in profit. This is done most often in the shortest possible time and without much load on the deposit. Numerous tests show that equity drawdown (unrecorded drawdown) is not particularly significant. This means that he never holds a position in the market open for a long time.

Expert Advisor usage parameters Currency pairs to trade:

It is best to use assets with the smallest spread (most often major currency pairs)

Time interval for work: M15 and M30

Minimum deposit: From $ 200

You definitely need a broker who makes it possible to open deals without any special delays, this is really important

Be sure to install the advisor on a VPS server to ensure uninterrupted operation In general, the advisor itself is not particularly demanding, and even a novice trader can use it without any problems.


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