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Crazy Lock V3 EA

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Crazy Lock V3 EA Description

The Crazy Scalper trading robot does not use any indicators. It utilizes a scalping system, which trades in two directions simultaneously (buys and sells). Two opposite positions cannot bring profit at the same time, one of them will be losing. If there is a losing position, a lock is used. If the locking position fails and price reverses to the opposite, the robot moves it to break even using the averaging system and pending orders.

TakeProfit = 3; – the take profit in points;
Lock_Level = 22; – the distance where locking orders will be placed, in points;
coef_l = 1.8; – lot multiplier for the locking order;
TakeProfit_Av = 10; – the total profit level of all open orders;
AV_Level = 50; – a distance where an averaging order will trigger, in points;
OR_Level = 24; – a distance from the current price to the level where an averaging pending order is placed;
coef_av = 2.0; – lot multiplier for the averaging orders;
Lots = 0; – the volume of orders, if = 0 MM is used;
Risk = 0.3; – the percent used for the Money Management;
Choice_method = false; – the MM method; percent of equity or of balance;
NumberOfTry = 5; – number of trade attempts when a broker returns requotes;
Slippage = 3; – the level of slippage;
MagicNumber = 1975; – order magic number;
MarketWatch = false; – placing profit and loss levels by way of modification.
Show_Information – enable or disable the information panel and comments;
CommentsCount – the number of comments;
StopLoss_Percent – stop loss level in percent;
color_background – background color;
color_text – text color;
color_negative – color of negative values;
color_positive – color of positive values;


Crazy Lock V3 EA Setting


Crazy Lock V3 EA Back-test Result