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AUDNZD Otaku EA Description

AUDNZD Otaku an adviser that can scalp and trade intraday, these are two independent systems by which the robot trades, opens and closes orders, there is no martingale or grids, each order is protected by SL, makes about 10-15 transactions per week.

The AUDNZD Otaku EA uses logic specialized for the movement of the AUDNZD currency pair. Trades for the scalping strategy and trades for the intraday trading strategy are opened and closed independently. Thus, there can be two trades in the market in the same direction, but no more. The targets are small, the stops are far (but all trades have) – I would assume that it is sensitive to the spread and not every broker will be profitable, but this is just an opinion.
Two versions are presented, differing in hidden settings and server failover. Since its release in June 2020, version 100 has not lost profitability in tests. It is worth noting separately: there are extended periods in tests when the adviser does not earn almost anything, trades at zero. An example of such a period on version 100 is from June 2015 to June 2017, very moderate growth. At the same time, version 300, on the contrary, earns quite well in the second half of 2015 – therefore, it probably makes sense to run both versions side by side.
Oddly enough, since 2018, the strategy is gaining momentum again.


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AUDNZD Otaku Back-test Result

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